Angel Investing

An angel investor, (also known as a business angel), is an individual or group of individuals who provide investment capital to new or growing businesses and expect a percentage of ownership equity in return.

Angel investing is a common business practice throughout North America and Europe. Most angels invest their own capital, although there are some angel groups (or angel networks) where several investors combine their capital so they can invest in more opportunities.

Angels typically seek investment opportunities in high growth, small-medium enterprises that are too young to qualify for bank loans or other traditional means of financing.

Angel investments in Northern Ontario provide a greater pool of capital and access to equity for innovative start-up and/or growing companies.

Northern Ontario Angels

The Northern Ontario Angels is the #1 Angel Organization in North America for Northern Ontario entrepreneurs (looking for growth capital) and angel investors (looking for investments). The creative concept and foundation of this network was developed to take Northern Ontario businesses to the next level.  NOA is continually growing, developing and updating it’s Angel Investment Groups throughout the north and around the World. Presently, NOA supports Angel Investment Groups in Sudbury, North Bay, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Timmins/Kapuskasing and Kenora.