Still not convinced that NOA can help you? Read what entrepreneurs from around the North think about our programs and services.

Thunder Bay

“Breaks down the barriers of angel investing, explains the benefits, pushes you forward….fantastic mentoring and support to do the final presentation”.   Andrew Moorey, Global Hydration

“Simply put – this is the best exercise in “preparedness” out there. It’s real”!   Andrew Kondor, Aerovate

“This program is a MUST for all CEO’s wishing to take their business to the next level, whether you’re in start-up phase or have 25 years behind you. The quality and honesty of the guest speakers, the significance of the material, and the delivery of the workshops will provide you with realistic goals that you will need to achieve if you’re looking to grow your business. I highly recommend this program”.   Irene P. Kozlowski, Sencia Canada Ltd.

“Excellent program. The contacts I’ve made this week will certainly help launch my company to the next level. It’s hard to believe a program of this caliber is available in Thunder Bay. One of the most useful sessions I’ve ever attended – not a moment of wasted time”.   Colleen Goliquer, Steeper’s

“Invaluable opportunity to learn from industry experts”.   Terry Smith, Jaxified


“Taking your business to the next level has prepared me to deliver clear, concise, “killer” presentations…giving potential investors the information they need to make an informed decision”.  George V. Fleming, FSC Limited

“I am quite serious when I say that it was the best seminar I have ever attended. The combination of the format, the quantity/quality of the information and the caliber of the mentors/investors was outstanding. I would highly recommend this program to any entrepreneur”.   Shannon Bisset, Cubeit

“Any interested in angel investment would benefit from today’s session. It was like getting a glimpse into the brains/minds of angels….somewhere most of us have never been”.   Anonymous

North Bay

“NOA’s Investor Showcase program provided our company with the information we needed to help us get to the next level and the coaching that allowed us to present effectively to real-life potential investors.”   John Justice, Cox Roofing Systems


“Our partnership with the NOA over the last two years has exposed our clients to opportunities presented by angel investment. We held our first angel pitch event in Spring 2016, and one of our clients secured a deal within a few months which provided seed capital to move forward with commercializing the product. Without this angel investment he would have struggled because traditional lenders are often unwilling to assume the risks associated with unproven businesses.”Ross MacDonald, Link North

“The Becoming an Investor-Ready Program was just what I needed. It really provided me with the basic information to best organize my company going forward. I expect that with the information provided and hard work I will be ready to advance my company to the next level and be investor-ready.”   Rick Dubeau, RGD